Day 67 Frank’s Cucina Italian Super Club in South Yarmouth MA

If you are looking for  an elegan  fine  dining experience on the Cape, you should check out Frank’s Cucina Underground Italian Super Club in South Yarmouth MA.


It is an  unique way of enjoying   traditional Italian  food.  In essence, you are being invited to a dinner party in their  home, which is a beautifully restored circa 1800 Cape; dinner is in an informal atmosphere at a large communal table that seats 15. The food is authentic, with creative flavors that will open your senses into a different world and a singular unique dining experience that you are sure to remember.  Their  weekly menu is excitingly fresh, delicious and served only Saturday evenings. You need to make reservations online in advance.
Each dinner is a unique experiences unto it self, featuring usually 5 courses with time ranging 3 to 4 hours and stay as long as you like. Don’t be afraid of coming on your own, they  welcome single guests. It is a great way to have a semi private dinner party to celebrate a family event.  They don’t serve wine so you will need to  bring your own.
Here is an example of a past menu
Cheese stuffed cornets

“formaggio ha imbottito dei cartocci a cono”
Fennel and white celery salad

“finocchi e l’insalata di sedano bian”
Butternut squash risotto with mostarda cremona

“Butternut schiaccia il risotto con il cremona di mostarda”

Duck “confit” with spiced honey

“Abbassare il “confit” con il miele speziato”

Ricotta and honey sfomato

“Lo sfomato di Ricotta e miele”

Frank’s Cucina | Cape Cod Private Italian Supper Club

87 High Bank Road, South Yarmouth, MA 02664