Using Groupon to Save Money on your Cape Cod Vacation

As a  follower   of Cape Cod  Family Guide there is a good chance you already enjoy the benefits of using Groupon as we often share local deals. Groupon

If you  love to eat out while we are on vacation and it is usually your main expense besides lodging. We like to try local places, and not stick with the chains. Groupon is great for that and has many local restaurants.

In addition, we found a Groupon for admission to many local Cape Cod attractions which can save you admission like mini golf, museums, tours and much more

Here are some tips for how you can stretch your Cape Cod vacation dollars with Groupon

1. Check out the Towns that you will be visiting 

Groupon breaks it down by the town that  you are visiting I find using Barnstable Town or Dennis MA   in the search box brings up most of the local deals.  You can even pinpoint what type of deals you want even click on the towns.


2. Plan Ahead

Some Groupons require that you wait a day or two before using. You will also want to see what is in the area that piques your interest and see if a Groupon appears for that particular attraction or restaurant.


3 Always Check the Expiration Dates

Check the expiration date on the Groupon before purchase! If you are vacationing in July but the Groupon expires in May  your money is sadly wasted.

4. You can even use Getaway section 

Groupon has a great section on getaways and has alot of hotel deals on Cape Cod. You see top rated hotels like Ocean Edge in Brewster or Chatham bars inn or smaller inns.   Read review and check dates-many of them might be weekday deals.